Have a Clear View of Distance Education

Guest post by Melissa Spears

Online education is one of today’s most controversial topics and whenever it is discussed you get to hear uncountable “ifs” and “buts.” This is due to the lack of knowledge that people possess about distance learning. Some people say that it makes students go off the track of life and some of them say it teaches a student how to work hard on their own. Well, let us have a discussion here to clear up the wrong conception that some people have with the basic truth of distance education.

Who registers for distance education?

Speculation says 60% of the students enrolling for distance education come from a humble background, where money turns into a big factor in their lives. However, with distance education they get to manage both their responsibilities and studies equally.Rest 40% come from different age groups with different reasons like distance, physical disabilities, unavailability of good educational institutes in locality, etc.There are some common characteristics among the applicants of distance learning, like:

  • Adult students believe that continuing education to the advanced level is a kind of investment for the future
  • They remain often committed toward multiple responsibilities
  • A degree turns into confidence for them

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