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Writing an Essay in the Digital Era

By Lesley J.V., writer and private tutor of French.

essay writing in a digital era

Not only grads but also freshmen know the importance of being prosperous. While a well-rounded education helps you find success in life, the educational process might be difficult.

What is the number one fear of all students? As a rule, most scholars postpone writing their academic essays, as the process itself seems labor-intensive and time-consuming.

However, it is easier to overcome your fear of essay writing today, as we live in the digital era. The process has evolved from handwriting into online researching.

The most common way to avoid typical mistakes in writing is to learn how to create a good material once and for all. No matter what type of paper you write, it is important to research, create, proofread, edit, and format the work.

Here come several examples:


To create a good essay, you need to find a relevant information. If you want to complete your tasks fast without sacrificing the quality, you should always double check what you find online. The digital age has changed the way students research, and now it is easier to find what they need, but found data often lack trust. While you are looking for some hints and tips for your academic research, don’t forget to evaluate sources.

Good formatting

There are four different paper formats in academic writing: MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard. Regardless of the format, you need to have strong skills in formatting. Today you can find particular tools that can help you format papers.


Your text has solid grounds when you have references. Save your time: use online libraries to find books, articles, or magazines. However, many students don’t know when to reference, so they need to learn more about it.

While students are trying to succeed, they fave two major problems: a lack of knowledge and a lack of time. All modern students know: using the Internet means having a card up in your sleeve.

Online tools

While you know almost everything about Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, you might have vague ideas about the best online tools for writing essays.

When it comes to using online tools, students crave for actionable examples.

Use online tools to:

  • have a quick access to your papers;
  • be able to edit and proofread online;
  • determine mistakes;
  • improve your writing skills;
  • collaborate with other students/tutors.

Once students start using online tools, they’ll start obtaining new knowledge.


The history of education dates back to the ancient times. Obviously, the educational process has evolved since then. Nowadays there are many possibilities to develop knowledge via a distance, and MOOCs are here to help you get strong skills online.

If you want to improve your writing skills, you can find the best online courses for you and even sign up for free. For example, take a look at the course The Art of Creative Writing. The main idea is you can learn something new sitting at home, and it is you who manage your educational process.


While this article is about modern realities in academic writing, we can’t skip the fact that students are often search for editing and proofreading advice online. These are just a few samples of various services they can find with the help of a simple Google search query:

Impressive, right?

There are many so-called essay writing services that can help students not only create their papers but also assist with proofread and editing. Even though it is a pure cheating, everyone can get something from it. First of all, students can learn something new. For example, proficient writers know how to create a reference page, cite sources, and make a good formatting. Plus, you can become a part-time writer that means both earning money and mastering your skills.


Even though we use our gadgets daily, we still don’t know how to get the most out of them. Actually, your gadget can become something more than Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Your gadget might help you:

  • write down some insights any time or place;
  • listen to audio books to understand key ideas;
  • start studying out of your home;
  • translate and transfer texts quickly.

Explore the digital world; there are many gadgets that can help you write your essays.

If you want to be successful in essay writing with the help of digital tools, avoid the following:

  • plagiarism: don’t cheat as it is easy to find the primary source;
  • poor Internet connection: be sure to send your piece in time;
  • impairing your health: don’t use your gadgets too often.

Tutors are after students to study; the digital era helps to succeed in the educational process. Don’t forget to hone your writing skills, and you will see that writing an essay is not so hard.

If you are looking for inspiration to start writing your academic essay, here is the article that motivates to become an outstanding writer.

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