The mission of IEDSE is the continuation and expansion of science education, at a distance and in the classroom, targeted at institutions of higher learning through best practices for teaching, professional development, research, delivery methods and initiatives to shape the future of education.

IEDSE serves distance education students by training and assisting teachers in best practices and proven methods of effectively teaching laboratory science courses online. IEDSE creates and provides comprehensive Professional Development Programs and supportive resources for secondary and post-secondary science educators.

IEDSE fulfills its mission by:

  • Conducting live, online, and on demand professional development courses.
  • Presenting best practices symposia and conferences.
  • Sponsoring educators at educational forums.

IEDSE provides professional development training programs, conferences, symposiums, information, and similar resources for educators to support the advancement of distance science education.
Please visit the IEDSE website for more information: http://www.iedse.org/

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