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The Cost of an Incomplete Science Education: Why Hands-On Science Experimentation Is Vital

Written by: Linda Jeschofnig, co-author of Teaching Lab Science Courses Online It is distressing that many colleges, high schools, and online programs offer physical and biological science courses without tactile laboratory components and thus deny their students the opportunity to perform physical science experiments.   Some of these institutions at least provide virtual computer labs, but as […]

Hands-On Labs’ Scientists & Mayor Hancock Appointee, Chris Martinez, Celebrate National Lab Day with East High School Chemistry Class

Hands-on Labs, Inc. (HOL) celebrated National Lab Day on May 11th at East High School with Amy Hanson’s Advanced Placement Chemistry Class.  The official third anniversary for National Lab Day is May 12, 2012. The National Lab Networkstarted National Lab Day to encourage volunteer scientists, university students, engineers, STEM professionals, and members of the community […]

Hands-on Labs, Inc. Introduces the Improved Earth Science LabPaq

In addition to our new Environmental Science and Forensic LabPaqs introduced earlier this week, Hands-On Labs’ scientists Dr. Emily Barter and Leah Stroudhave revised our Earth Science LabPaq to better fit the unique laboratory needs of Earth Science students. This LabPaq allows students a hands-on way to investigate and learn concepts such as Earth’s physical features […]

LabPaqs Expand into Forensic Science and Environmental Science

It’s been a busy second quarter at Hands-On Labs, Inc. (HOL).  Our new President,Kevin Melendy, is onboard, and we’re rolling out two LabPaq product lines.  “As the nation looks for ways to put the cost of college within the reach of more Americans, I’m proud to be at HOL as we bring LabPaqs into two […]

Skill Building Opportunities for Distance Learning Professionals

As with any profession, distance learning instructors have a range of options to develop new and different career skills and maintain efficiency in the classroom. In this industry, technology consistently evolves and instructors must refresh teaching methods in order to reach students effectively. If you’re unable to slip away for a conference and are searching […]

Using Skype as a Tool to Teach Online Science (LabPaq) Laboratories

By Dr. James W. Brown, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Science, Ocean County College During the Fall Semester of 2011 I began usingSkype as a teaching tool with students having difficulties with their online laboratories. For several years, I have been teaching Principles of Biological Science, General Biology I and II and Microbiology totally online. The […]

Providing a Capstone “Field Trip” Experience in your Online Science Course

An undergraduate capstone experience is usually designed to bring reflection and focus to the whole of the college experience. I teach a variety of online biology and microbiology courses at the undergraduate level and provide a “mini” capstone experience at the end of each course. This provides an opportunity for the student to integrate the […]

Online College Courses Can Mitigate the Perils of Science Illiteracy in America

Science illiteracy is a serious problem in America.  The American Association for the Advancement of Science reports that only an approximate quarter of the American public is sufficiently knowledgeable about science to follow science issues and render an informed opinion on them1.  Meanwhile, other nations are producing science-informed populations and gaining strategic economic and political advantages over […]